2018 Engagement List

Thursday22nd February 2018**SOLD OUT - TICKET ONLY** Peter Arthurs Concert19:30
Saturday24th February 2018Brass In Concert Concert - FivemiletownAll Day
Saturday21st April 2018BBL Spring Festival Contest - StrabaneAll Day
Monday28th May 2018Radio Ulster Recording - War Memorial Hall19:30-21:00
Saturday2nd June 2018Youth Band Concert - War Mem. Hall, Carrickfergus15:30-17:00
Saturday9th June 2018Carrickfergus Historical Pageant - Market Place14:00-15:00
Sunday10th June 2018Carrickfergus Historical Pageant - Castle Green16:00-17:00
Tuesday19th June 2018Loanends Primary School Concert19:30-21:00
Sunday1st July 2018Carnfunnock Country Park15:30-16:30
Monday16th July 2018Lady Dixon Park (Rose Week)19:30-20:30
Sunday22nd July 2018Loughshore Park Jordanstown15:00-16:00
Sunday29th July 2018Castle Green, Carrickfergus15:00-16:00
Sunday5th August 2018Castle Green, Carrickfergus15:00-16:00
Sunday12th August 2018Lady Dixon Park 15:00-16:00
Sunday19th August 2018Loughshore Park Jordanstown15:00-16:00
Sunday26th August 2018Carnfunnock Country Park15:00-16:00
Saturday20th October 2018NIBA Contest - Market Place Theatre, ArmaghAll Day
Saturday10th November 2018St Colmans COI Concert, Carrickfergus19:30-21:30
Sunday11th November 2018Remembrance Sunday, Carrickfergus Cenotaph10:30-11:30
Saturday22nd December 2018Christmas Concert, Carrickfergus Golf Club19:30-22:00
The times shown are the performance times. The band will meet 30 minutes beforehand at each venue

See the bands 2017 summer music programme here

Print a copy of the 2017 Engagement List (Version 1.2 - pdf format) here

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