Peter Graham - Principal Euphonium

Peter Graham With music coming into both ears from Mum singing and Dad playing I followed in my Dad's footsteps and started cornet and piano at home (wise choice as I still can't sing). I played in the learners for a while and joined the big band, on 2nd horn. After practicing, and learning to bluff correctly, I was eventually allowed out to play in public which was on the eve of Charles and Diana's wedding in July 1981 at the Knockagh Monument beacon. I moved to 1st Baritone some years later and then to 2nd Euphonium and Principal in the late 80's and have been there ever since. For the past few years I have also been playing with Festival Brass.

There are a lot of good times within all those years, and among my most memorable are playing alongside Steven Mead in Swansea 1990, competing at the Europeans in 2005 and winning with Oceans in 2006.

My remaining ambitions are to retire from work, play bass trombone, watch Arsenal win the Champions League (in no particular order); and keep celebrating. Bring on the next fifty.