William Johnston - Principal Trombone

William Johnston I joined the band in 1990 with no experience in playing a brass instrument. All my previous musical knowledge was based on piano and woodwind instruments which I played through my time at Greenisland Primary School and subsequently at Belfast High School where I was a frequent competitor in local musical festivals and gained a number of wins over the years.

I had been overlooked for the brass band in primary school due to the fact that the cornet I was given had a small mouthpiece and I had a big mouth. A loose comment to Des Graham resulted in my being given a trombone and a crash course in technique and slide positions and a seat was made available in the band for me. Further teaching and mentoring from William McLean and Gary Davison along with my growing enthusiasm for the instrument and the camaraderie of the band led to my appointment as Principal Trombone, a position I have held for over 20 years now and relish and look forward to remaining there for many years to come.

My thanks go to all who have helped and supported me over the years.