101st Championship of Ireland Contest
October 21 2018

The 100th Championship of Ireland Bands’ Contest was held today, Saturday 20th October 2018 in the Market Place Theatre, Armagh. The contest was adjudicated by Dr Robert Childs.

The band and conductor, Mr Brian Connolly, worked extremely hard as always in preparation for the contest and achieved 5th place in the championship section.

The set piece for the Champion Section Brass was Diversions on a Bass Theme by George Lloyd.

Congratulations to Downshire Brass on their win and to all the other winning bands bands in their respective sections today.

Our grateful thanks also go to Craig Connolly for his help today.

Full results of the day will follow.

Championship Brass

Test Piece: Salamander (John McCabe)

1st place: ??? – Conductor: ??? ??? points
2nd place: ??? – Conductor: ??? ??? points
3rd place: ??? – Conductor: ??? ??? points
??? – Conductor: ??? ??? points
??? – Conductor: ??? ??? points
??? – Conductor: ??? ??? points

Best Instrumentalist: ??? – ??? – ???
Conductors Prize: ??? – ???
Best Overall Performance of the Day: ???
??? will be invited to compete at the European Brass Band Championships (B Section) to be held in ???, ??? in 2020.

Full results will follow soon