2019 Brass In Concert, Fivemiletown – RESULTS
March 3 2019

The New Year sees the band, once again contesting with the first of the year, the 2019 annual Brass Band League NI “Brass In Concert” entertainments competition which was held, as usual, in the Valley Hotel, Fivemiletown on Saturday 2nd March. As usual, a packed (and noisy) hall watched and listened to the performances of the competing bands and a very enjoyable day was had by all.

The music adjudicator this year was Mike Kilroy and the entertainment adjudicator was Mr Andrew Trimble.

The music played by the band was:

The Greatest Show – Benj Pasek, Justin Paul and Ryan Lewis arr. Philip Sparke
With His First Breath – Paul Lovatt-Cooper – Soloist: Claire Hueston (cornet)
The New Colonial March – R B Hall
Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel) – Billy Joel arr. Philip Harper
Tico Tico – Zequinha Abreu arr. John Iveson Soloist: Kelly Kaya (cornet)
Fire in the Blood – Paul Lovatt-Cooper

We would like to thank Rod Mawhirk and Andrew McGuigan who guested for us today for all the hard work and effort.

The band were delighted to have been placed 3rd overall and in particular with being placed 2nd in music. We congratulate all the winning bands and conductors in their respective sections and all the winning soloists.

Results of the day are as follows:

Total Points (music points, Entertainment points) N.B. In the event of tied points, precedence will be given to the band with the highest music points.

Championship Section
1st: 1st Old Boys Association Silver Band – 19 points (10.9)
2nd: Laganvale (Metal Technology) Band – 18 points (8,10)
3rd: Third Carrickfergus Band – 15 points (9,6)
Murley Silver Band – 15 points (7,8)
Strabane Brass – 13 points (6,7)

Most Entertaining Band: Laganvale (Metal Technology) Band
Best March: Laganvale (Metal Technology) Band (The New Colonial March)
Best Soloist: Louise Bell, cornet (1st Old Boys Association Silver Band) – First Light

Second Section
1st: CWA Brass – 19 points (9,10)
2nd Roughan Silver Band – 17 points (10,7)
Comber Silver Band – 16 points (8, 8)
Ballyduff Silver Band – 16 points (7,9)

Most Entertaining Band: CWA Brass
Best March: CWA Brass (Ravenswood)
Best Soloist: Andrew Gordon, cornet (Roughan Silver Band) – Share My Yoke

Third Section
1st: Wellington Memorial Silver Band – 20 points (10,10)
Dungannon Silver Band – 18 points (9,9)
Dynamic Brass – 16 points (8,8)

Most Entertaining Band: Wellington Memorial Silver Band
Best March: Wellington Memorial Silver Band (The New Colonial March)
Best Soloist: Philip Williamson, euphonium (Dungannon Silver Band)

Fourth Section
1st: Poyntzpass Silver Band – 20 points (10,10)

Most Entertaining Band: Poyntzpass Silver Band
Best March: Poyntzpass Silver Band (Westward Ho)
Best Soloist: Richard Whiteside, cornet (Poyntzpass Silver Band) – Bless This House