2nd Place at NIBA Contest 2010
October 16 2010

The 93rd Championship of Ireland Bands’ Contest was held on Saturday 16th October 2010 in the Market Place Theatre, Armagh. The contest this year was adjudicated by Mr Alan Fernie.

The set piece for the Second Section Brass was “Partita” by Philip Wilby. The band achieved the runners up spot.

We also send congratulations to all the winning bands today.

Results are as follows:

Third Grade Brass

Test Piece: Roman Tryptych (Leigh Baker)

1st place: Comber Brass – Conductor: W Thompson
2nd place: St. Mark’s Silver – Conductor: C McBride
3rd place: CWA Brass – Conductor: F Moore

Second Grade Brass

Test Piece: PARTITA – POSTCARDS FROM HOME (Philip Wilby)

1st place: Downshire Brass – Conductor: M Alcorn
2nd place: Third Carrickfergus Band – Conductor: D Graham
3rd place: Drogheda Brass – Conductor: TBA

Best bass section: Drogheda Brass
Best cornet section: Downshire Brass

Championship Brass

Test Piece: ST. MAGNUS (Kenneth Downie)

1st place: 1st Old Boys’ Silver – Conductor: M Fowles
2nd place: Laganvale (Metal Technology) – Conductor: E Ruddock

Best Instrumentalist: John Eagan – 1st Trombone – 1st Old Boys’ Silver
Conductors Prize: M Fowles