Band Members Excel at BBL On-Line Solos
December 1 2020

Another great day for the band in the inaugural Brass Band League NI Online Solo Competition.

First off, congratulations to all competitors in all sections as this has been such a challenging year playing wise and it’s a massive achievement just to enter. Well done all.

Particular congratulations of course to Kenan Kaya, 2nd in the 12 and under section, Sophie Hueston 3rd and Zeki Kaya 1st in the 13 to 15 category and finally hot off her success in the Foden’s online competition, Kelly Kaya – 1st in the 19 and over section. Thanks to the BBL for organising the contest and all eight adjudicators.

Full Competition results are as follows;

12 and under (Adjudicators: Gael Haslett and Robin Clinton)
1st – Oliver, 2nd – Kenan, 3rd – Hollie, 3rd – Rebekah,
Holly, Mollie, Francois, Erin, Peter, Kevin, Evan, Hugh, Laura, Christy

13-15 (Adjudicators: Laura Salt and Martin Wall)
1st – Zeki, 2nd – Owen, 3rd – Sophie,
Aaron, Aoibh, Daniel, Ruairi

16-18 (Adjudicators: Bob Quick and Rachel Bingham)
1st – Louise, 2nd – Andrew, 3rd – Peter,
Daniel, Michael, Tyler

19 and over (Adjudicators: Brendan Breslin and James MacCafferty)
1st – Kelly Kaya, 2nd – Tom Black, 3rd – Hannah Calderwood, 4th – Paul Wilson, 5th – Kevin Teers
Kirsty Kerr, Claire Hueston, Graham Smyth, Neal O’Kennedy, Boris Pinto, Gary Dodsworth, Richard Whiteside, Samuel Brodison, Julie du Plessis, Stephen Cairns, Aaron Watson, Ian Wilson, Mark Boyd, Nigel Hylands, David Hamilton, Bert Shaw, Nathan Moore, Stephen Murray, Chrissie Harris, David Lamb