Band victorious at Fivemiletown
February 2007

The first contest of 2007 was held in the Valley Hotel, Fivemiletown on Saturday 24th February. This was an entertainments contest with each band able to choose its own selection of music for the performance. Playing to a full house, the band performed a very entertaining and energetic programme with confidence resulting in not only a win for the band but also the award of the soloist prize to Michael Montgomery for his brilliant performance of “Over the Rainbow”.

The music played by the band was:

The Liberty Bell – J P Sousa
Over the Rainbow – Arlen & Harburg arr. Goff Richards – Soloist Michael Montgomery
Swedish Folk Song – Swedish Trad arr. Peter Graham
12th Street Rag – Euday L Bowman arr. Jack Peberdy – Cornet trio
Anthem from the musical Chess – Ulvaes/Andersson arr. Johan de Meij
The Muppet Show Theme – Jim Henson & Sam Pottle arr.Philip Harper

Congratulations are due to the soloists of the day, Michael Montgomery for his excellent performance and to the cornet trio, Ruth Montgomery, Gavin Norris and Michael Barkley for 12th Street Rag.

The band would also like to welcome back Hazel McAllister and Ian Railton and thank Robin Clinton, Robert Frost and Richard Aiken for their help in this achievement and we are pleased to have started 2007 where we left off in 2006.