Band Win BBL “Festival of Brass” contest at Queens – Details and Full Results
November 23 2014

The Brass Band League in association with The School of Creative Arts at Queen’s University Belfast held the 4th “Festival of Brass” entertainment contest in the Whitla Hall, Belfast on Saturday 22nd November 2014.

The music adjudicator was Richard Evans
The entertainment adjudicator was Beverly Coomber
The compere was William Caughey

It was a good day for the Third Carrickfergus Band which resulted in a 1st place and the prize for the best march, R B Hall’s “The New Colonial March”.

We also congratulate our Junior Band for giving a sterling performance in the Youth Band Section under the direction of conductor Peter Arthurs.

The music played by the band was;

Caravan – Duke Ellington/Juan Tizol arr. Steve Sykes
Carrickfergus – Traditional arr. Alan Fernie Soloist: Ruth Binding – Flugel
The New Colonial March – R B Hall
Ticket to Ride – John Lennon and Paul McCartney arr. Alan Fernie
The Conquest of Paradise – Vangelis arr. Alan Fernie

Our congratulations to all who competed today and also to those who won in their respective sections.

The full results for the contest are noted below.

Youth Bands
1st: 1st Old Boys Association Youth Band
Downshire Brass Youth Band
Third Carrickfergus Junior Band

Best March: True and Trusty, Downshire Brass Youth Band
Best Soloist: Connor Chambers (Xylophone), 1st Old Boys Association Youth Band
Most Entertaining Band: Downshire Brass Youth Band

5th Grade
1st: 1st Larne Old Boys’ Silver Band

Best March: Monia, 1st Larne Old Boys’ Silver Band
Most Entertaining Band: 1st Larne Old Boys’ Silver Band

4th Grade
1st: Dungannon Silver Band
2nd: Warrenpoint Silver Band
Maguiresbridge Silver Band

Best March: On The Quarter Deck, Dungannon Silver Band
Best Soloist: Rodney McCabe (Flugel), Warrenpoint Silver Band
Most Entertaining Band: Dungannon Silver Band

3rd Grade
1st: St Mark’s Silver Band
Comber Silver Band

Best March: Kenilworth, St Mark’s Silver Band
Best Soloist: Kelly Kaya (Cornet), Comber Silver Band
Most Entertaining Band: Comber Silver Band

2nd Grade
1st: Third Carrickfergus Band
CWA Brass
Roughan Silver Band

Best March: The New Colonial March – Third Carrickfergus Band
Best Soloist: Philip McCurrie (Tenor Horn), CWA Brass
Most Entertaining Band: Roughan Silver Band

Championship Grade
1st: Downshire Brass
2nd: Murley Silver Band
1st Old Boys Association Silver Band
Laganvale (Metal Technology) Band

Best March: Blaze Away, Downshire Brass
Solo Prize: Morris Cameron (Flugel), 1st Old Boys Association Silver Band
Most Entertaining Band: Murley Silver Band