Band Win Festival of Brass Contest at Queen’s
November 26 2011

The Brass Band League in association with The School of Creative Arts at Queen’s University Belfast held the inaugural “Festival of Brass” entertainment contest today in the Whitla Hall.

The music adjudicator was Michael Hannan
The entertainment adjudicator was Wendi Kane
The compere was William Caughey

It proved to be a good day for the Third Carrickfergus Band having been awarded a 1st place with 190 points and the prize for the best march, William Rimmer’s “The Black Knight”.

The music played by the band was;

The Black Knight – William Rimmer
Buglers Holiday – Leroy Anderson arr. Roger Barsotti. Cornet Trio: Ruth Dodridge, Claire Hueston, Hannah Copes
I Only Have Eyes For You – Warren & Dubin arr. Alan Fernie. Soloist: Robert Frost
Puttin’ On The Ritz – Irving Berlin arr. Goff Richards
MacArthur Park – Jim Webb arr. Alan Fernie
African Funk – Alan Fernie

The full results for the day are noted below.

Congratulations to all who competed today and also to those who won in their respective sections.

Youth Bands
1st: 1st Old Boys Association Youth Band – 142, 45 = 187 points

Best Soloist: Nathan Thompson, 1st Old Boys

4th Section
1st: 1st Larne O.B. – 130, 42 = 172 points

Best Soloist: Celine Clements, 1st Larne O.B.
Best March: 1st Larne O.B. The New Colonial

3rd Section
1st: Lourdes – 148, 48 = 196 points
CWA Brass – 145, 45 = 190 points
Comber Silver – 143, 46 = 189 points

Best Soloist: Comber Silver Band, Vocal Soloist – Ruth Jennings
Best March: Lourdes, The Medallion

2nd Section
1st: Third Carrickfergus Band – 142, 48 = 190 points
Templemore Silver Band – 139, 47 = 186 points

Solo Prize: Linley Hamilton – Flugel, Templemore Band
Best March: The Black Knight – Third Carrickfergus Band

Championship Section
1st: Downshire Brass – 148, 48 = 196 points *
1st Old Boys Association Silver Band – 147, 49 = 196 *
* Tie for 1st place – The band with the highest music points selected as winners.

Solo Prize: Morris Cameron – Flugel, 1st Old Boys
Best March: Downshire Brass, Castell Coch