BBL Festival of Brass Contest 2016 – Full Results
Nov 27 2016

The Brass Band League in association with The School of Creative Arts at Queen’s University Belfast held the 6th “Festival of Brass” entertainment contest in the Whitla Hall, Belfast on Saturday 26th November 2016.

The music adjudicator was Dave Lee
The entertainment adjudicator was Gillian McCutcheon
The compere was William Caughey

The final contest of the year saw the band compete a varied and entertaining programme of music as they start to settle in to the championship section under the direction of new conductor, Brian Connolly. The band’s principal cornet, Claire Hueston won the solo prize with a beautiful performance of Leonard Ballantine’s Don’t Doubt Him Now. Congratulations to her and all the other winning bands, conductors and soloists.

The music played by the band was;

Fanfare In Iubilo – Thomas Doss
Don’t Doubt Him Now – Leonard Ballantine arr. Craig Woodland Soloist: Claire Hueston – Cornet
The President – William German
Yesterday Once More – Richard Carpenter/John Bettis arr. Alan Fernie
Under The Boardwalk – Young & Resnick arr. Philip Harper Soloist: – Ruth Binding
Nightingale Dances – Matthew Hall

The full results for the contest are noted below. Music points are shown first – i.e. music,entertainment = total points. (In the event of a tie, the band with the highest music points will be awarded the higher place.

Championship Grade
1st: Laganvale (Metal Technology) Band – Conductor: S Crooks – 10,9 = 19 points
2nd: Downshire Brass – Conductor: Prof. M Alcorn – 9,8 = 17 points
1st Old Boys Association Silver Band – Conductor: S Cairns – 7,10 = 17 points
Third Carrickfergus Band – Conductor: B Connolly – 8,7 = 15 points

Best March: Laganvale (Metal Technology) Band
Solo Prize: Claire Hueston (Cornet) – Don’t Doubt Him Now, Third Carrickfergus Band
Most Entertaining Band: 1st old Boys Association Silver Band

2nd Grade
1st: Lourdes Brass Band – Conductor: M Hannan – 10,10 = 20 points
2nd: CWA Brass – Conductor: E Ruddock – 9,9 = 18 points
Roughan Silver Band – Conductor: K Anderson – 8,7 = 15 points
Comber Silver Band – Conductor: W Thompson – 7,8 = 15 points

Best March: CWA Brass
Best Soloist: Jackie Moore (Cornet) – CWA Brass
Most Entertaining Band: Lourdes Brass Band

3rd Grade
1st: Wellington Memorial Silver Band – Conductor: G Proctor – 10,10 = 20 points
St Mark’s Silver Band – Withdrawn

Best March: Wellington Memorial Silver Band
Best Soloist: Lauren Smyth – Flugelhorn, Wellington Memorial Silver Band
Most Entertaining Band: Wellington Memorial Silver Band

4th Grade
1st: Dynamic Brass – Conductor: H Whan – 10,10 = 20 points
Warrenpoint Silver Band – 9,9 = 18 points

Best March: Warrenpoint Silver Band
Best Soloist: P Evans, Dynamic Brass
Most Entertaining Band: Dynamic Brass

5th Grade
1st: 1st Larne Old Boys’ Silver Band – Conductor: B Clements – 10,10 = 20 points

Best March: 1st Larne Old Boys’ Silver Band
Best Soloist: 1st Larne Old Boys’ Silver Band
Most Entertaining Band: 1st Larne Old Boys’ Silver Band

Youth Bands
1st: 1st Old Boys Association Youth Band – Conductor: Mrs J Bingham – 10,10 = 20 points
Downshire Brass Youth Band – Conductor: M Alcorn – 9,8 = 17 points
Laganvale Youth Band – Conductor: A Pentland – 8,9 = 17 points

Best March: Downshire Brass Youth Band
Best Soloist: Louise Bell
Most Entertaining Band: 1st Old Boys Association Youth Band