BBNI Spring Festival 2024 Contest – Full Results
May 12 2024
Jacklin Bingham BBNI Spring Contest 2024

The Third Carrickfergus Band were back on the contest stage yesterday (11th May 2024) at the BBNI Spring Festival 2024 contest which was held at the Strule Arts Centre in Omagh. The adjudicator for the contest was Mr Leigh Baker.

Playing Prisms by Peter Graham, the band achieved a second place in a closely contested competition with only 1 point separating each of the bands.

There are lots of people to thank as this was truly a team effort. First and foremost thanks to our MD Brian Connolly for his understanding and preparation of the score plus his encouragement and work ethic in rehearsals. We send our grateful thanks to our guest players, John Cooke, Keith Savage, Stephen Boyle, Andy McGuiggan and Willy Hill who were with us during the build up and performance. We, of course, thank all our players for their dedication, hard work and effort given the timing of this year’s contest clashing with so many other events both in the brass and education fields, and note, in particular our soloists today – Lana, Niamh and Pete with a special mention to Jacklin on winning The Peter Arthurs Trophy for best Sop on the day.

We would like to also send our congratulations to all the winning bands and soloists in their respective sections.

The full contest results were as under:

Championship Section – Rothman Trophy
1st – Strabane Brass Band – Conductor: Charles Fyffe – 94 points
Third Carrickfergus Band – Conductor: Brian Connolly – 93 points
Downshire Brass – Conductor: Michael Alcorn – 92 points

Best Soloist – Harry Gault Memorial Trophy – Joe Stewart – Downshire Brass
Best Percussion – Percussion Shield – Strabane Brass Band
Best Trombone Section – Denis Gillespie Memorial Trophy – Strabane Brass Band
Winning Conductor – Harry Britain Memorial Cup – Charles Fyffe – Strabane Brass Band

Second Section – Founders Cup
1st – Ballyduff Silver Band Conductor: William Hill – 91 points
Roughan Silver Band – Conductor: Stephen Crooks – 90 points

Best Soloist – Ross Aiken Memorial Trophy – Sam Brodison – Ballyduff Silver Band
Best Horn Section – Jonathan Carroll Memorial Trophy – Roughan Silver Band
Winning Conductor – Burch Trophy – William Hill – Ballyduff Silver Band

Third Section – 46th Old Boys Cup
1st – St Mark’s Silver Band – Conductor: Bob Quick – 88 points
Dynamic Brass – Conductor: Andrew McGuiggan – 87 points
Wellington Memorial Silver Band – Conductor: Stephen Cairns – 86 points

Best Trombone Section – Clive McBride Memorial Trophy – St. Mark’s Silver Band

Fourth Section – Take Five Trophy
No contest