BBNI Spring Festival Contest 2022 – Results
April 10 2022

What a fantastic day yesterday (9th April) for the Third Carrickfergus Band on the achievement of 3rd place in the Championship Section, just behind Laganvale (1st) and Downshire (2nd) at the Spring Festival contest which was held, for the first time, at the Strule Arts Centre in Omagh. The adjudicator for the contest was Mr Duncan Beckley.

It has been a really rewarding experience preparing Jan de Haan’s wonderful music “The Patriots” over the last few months and the result is vindication on the choice and efforts of all involved.

There are lots of people to thank as this was truly a team effort. First and foremost thanks to our MD Brian Connolly for his forensic reading and preparation of the score plus his gentle encouragement in rehearsal. Secondly, we are immensely proud of the band and their efforts throughout and on stage. Special mention to Christy on his contest debut and being our youngest band member, a young man who has a very bright future. Thirdly, we send our grateful thanks to our guest players, Andy McGuiggan, Nathan Thompson and Willy Hill who were with us during the build up and performance. Finally, it was great to see so many friends and family coming to rehearsals and supporting us in Omagh.

This is another milestone on what has already been an incredible year for the band. Looking forward to new and exciting musical projects and creating lots more memories together.

We would like to also send our congratulations to all the winning bands and soloists in their respective sections.

The full contest results were as under:

Championship Section – Rothman Trophy
1st – Laganvale (Metal Technology) Band – 188 points
2nd – Downshire Brass – 187 points
3rd – Third Carrickfergus Band – Conductor: Brian Connolly – 186 points
1st Old Boys Association Silver Band – 185 points
Strabane Concert Brass – 184 points
Murley Silver Band – 183 points

Best Soloist – Harry Gault Memorial Trophy – Louise Bell – 1st Old Boys Association Silver Band
Best Percussion – Percussion Shield – Downshire Brass
Best Trombone Section – Denis Gillespie Memorial Trophy – Laganvale (Metal Technology) Band
Winning Conductor – Harry Britain Memorial Cup – Keith Anderson – Laganvale (Metal Technology) Band

Second Section – Founders Cup
1st – CWA Brass – 182 points
2nd – Roughan Silver Band – 180 points
3rd – Ballyduff Silver Band – 178 points
Comber Silver Band – 176 points
Wellington Memorial Silver Band – 174 points

Best Soloist – Ross Aiken Memorial Trophy – Sam Brodison – Ballyduff Silver Band
Best Horn Section – Jonathon Carroll Memorial Trophy – CWA Brass
Winning Conductor – Burch Trophy – Gary Proctor – CWA Brass

Third Section – 46th Old Boys Cup
1st – St Mark’s Silver Band – 174 points
Dungannon Silver Band – 173 points
Dynamic Brass – 171 points

Best Trombone Section – Clive McBride Memorial Trophy – St. Mark’s Silver Band

Fourth Section – Take Five Trophy
No Contest

School Bands
No Contest

Youth Bands – Tom Mercer Memorial Trophy
No contest