Black Dyke Band win 2012 European Championships in Rotterdam
May 5 2012

This weekend saw Europe’s best bands battle it out for the title of EBBA European Champions 2012. The contest was held at The De Doelen Concert Hall, Rotterdam and after a hard fought contest the spoils were won by the Black Dyke Band under the baton of Dr Nicholas Childs.

The full results are as follows.

Test piece: ‘Vita Aeterna Variations’ (Alexander Comitas)
Adjudicators: set work:
Arsene Duc, Andrew Berryman and Frans Violet
Adjudicators own choice:
Professor Edward Gregson, Karl Ole Midtbo and Klaas van den Woude


1. Black Dyke, (8/2) 98/97=195
Dr Nicholas Childs

2. Noord-Limburgse, (7/5) 93/98=191
Ivan Meylemans

3.Schoonhoven, (5/10) 91/99=190
Erik Jannsen

4.Eikanger-Bjorsvik Musikklag (2/11) 95/94=189
Professor David King

5.Cory Band, (4/1) 96/92=188
Dr Robert Childs

6. Co-operative Funeralcare (1/9) 90/96=186
Allan Withington

7. Manger Musikklag, (3/3) 94/90=184
Peter Szilvay

8. Ensemble de Cuivres Valaisan (11/8) 89/95=184
Jean Francois Bobillier

9. Brass-Band Nord Pas-de-Calais, (6/4) 86/91=177
Russell Gray

10. Brass Band Oberosterreich, (9/7) 88/88=176
Hans Buchegger

11. Lyngby-Taarbaek (10/6) 87/89=176
Semer Simonsen

Soloist: Bass Trombone, Erwin Kelchtermans – Noord-Limburgse

B Section

Test piece: ‘Light in the Darkness (Joop van Dijk) and Own Choice
Adjudicators: Arsene Duc, Andrew Berryman and Frans Violet


1. Austria Brass Band of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (3), 95
Professor Uwe Koller

2. Brass Band Heman (2) 93
Anne van den Berg

3. Brass Band Wiptal (1) 92
Martin Gruber

4. 1st Old Boys Silver Band (4) 91
Stephen Cairns

Soloist: Silvio Rether, Austria