Brass In Concert 2023 – Full Results
March 4 2023

Saturday 4th March 2023 saw the return of the popular “Brass In Concert” entertainment contest held, as usual, in the Valley Hotel, Fivemiletown. This is the first contest since 2020 and drew not only a large entry of bands but a large audience too.

The Third Carrickfergus Band performed a well rehearsed “Space” themed programme showcasing a wide range of music and styles and featuring two superb soloists, Kelly Kaya, playing Whirlwind and Claire Hueston who performed Song of the Night Sky. While the result did not go the way we had hoped, it was good to be back on the contesting stage at the Valley Hotel and will continue to work hard going forward in preparation for the forthcoming contests in 2023. Our congratulations go to all the winning bands and soloists and to all those who took part in order to may the event an enjoyable one.

The results of today’s contest were as follows;

Championship Section

1st 1st Old Boys’ Band – Conductor: Dr J W Corry – (10,10) 20 points
2nd Laganvale (Metal Technology) Band – Conductor: K Anderson – (9,8) 17 points
3rd Downshire Brass – Conductor: Michael Alcorn – (8,7) 15 points
Strabane Brass Band – Conductor: Charles Fyffe – (5,9) 14 points
Murley Silver Band – Conductor: David Hawthorne – (7,6) 13 points
Third Carrickfergus Band – Conductor: Brian Connolly – (6,5) 11 points

Best March: The Australasian – 1st Old Boys’ Band
Best Soloist: Andrew Milligan (Bass in the Ballroom) – 1st Old Boys’ Band
Most Entertaining Band: 1st Old Boys’ Band

2nd Section

1st CWA Brass – Conductor: Gary Proctor – (10, 8) 18 points
Roughan Silver Band – Conductor: Stephen Crooks – (9, 9) 18 points
Ballyduff Silver Band – Conductor: William Hill – (8, 10) 18 point

Best March: On The Quarter Deck – Ballyduff Silver Band Band
Best Soloist: Andrew Gordon, cornet (With His First Breath) – Roughan Silver Band
Most Entertaining Band: Ballyduff Silver Band

3rd Section

1st St. Mark’s Silver Band – Conductor: Bob Quick – (9, 9) 18 points
2nd Dungannon Silver Band – Conductor: Dr Boris Pinto – (8, 10) 18 points
3rd Wellington Memorial Silver Band – Conductor: David Hawthorne – (10, 7) 17 points
Dynamic Brass – Conductor: Andrew McGuiggan – (7, 8) 15 points
Poyntzpass Silver Band – Conductor: Stanley Lutton – (6, 6) 12 points

Best March: The Cross Of Honour – Poyntzpass Silver Band Band
Best Soloist: Gerarda McCann (vocalist) – St. Mark’s Silver Band
Most Entertaining Band: Dungannon Silver Band

4th Section

No contest