Festival of Brass Entertainments Contest 2023 – Results
November 25 2023
TCB Maldron 2023

On Saturday 25th November 2023, the band competed in the second Festival of Brass Entertainments Contest which was held at the Maldron Hotel, Antrim. This year saw eight of Northern Ireland’s premier brass compete for the title of Most Entertaining Band by performing a mini-concert of approximately 20 – 30 minutes with a team of judges scoring them on the music and entertainment aspects of their performance.

Today’s adjudicators were Chris King (music) and Jo Wright (entertainment) who were impressed with the standard of performances on display across each of the sections.

The band put together a highly entertaining programme and video presentation and came away with the Best Soloist prize for principal cornet player Claire Hueston with a superb performance of Georgia on my Mind.

The full results of the day were as follows:

Championship Section

1st Laganvale (Metal Technology) Band – Conductor: Keith Anderson – 9,10 = 19 points
1st Old Boys’ Association Silver Band – Conductor: Jonathan Corry – 10,8 = 18 points
Third Carrickfergus Band – Conductor: Brian Connolly – 8,9 = 17 points

Most Entertaining Band: Laganvale (Metal Technology) Band
Best March: 1st Old Boys’ Association Band Band – Praise
Best Soloist: Third Carrickfergus Band – Claire Hueston (cornet) – Georgia on my Mind

2nd Section

1st CWA Brass – Conductor: Robin Clinton – 10,10 = 20 points
Drogheda Brass – Conductor: Stephen Murray – 9,9 = 18 points

Most Entertaining Band: CWA Brass
Best March: CWA Brass – Knight Templar
Best Soloist: CWA Brass – James McCabe (cornet) – Glorious Ventures

3rd Section

1st Wellington Memorial Silver Band – Conductor: Stephen Cairns – 10,8 = 18 points
St Mark’s Silver Band – Conductor: Robert (Bob) Quick – 9,9 = 18 points
Dynamic Brass – Conductor: Andrew McGuiggan – 8,10 = 18 points

Most Entertaining Band: Dynamic Brass
Best March: St Mark’s Silver Band – Mighty to Save
Best Soloist: Dynamic Brass – David Johnson – Buster Strikes Back
Best Horn Section: St Mark’s Silver Band