Junior Members Out In Force at Recent BBL Solos Competition
February 25 2011

Story by Amber MacLennan

On Saturday 12th February, members from the Junior Band took part in the annual Brass Band League (BBL) Solos and Quartets competition. Aoife Burgess and Joseph Parkes took part in the Under 12’s section, David Ervine and John Coulter in the Under 15’s, Hannah Copes in the Under 17’s and Slow Melody Section and Amber MacLennan from the Senior Band took part in the Slow Melody and B Solos.

Everyone played well and were happy with their results. A special mention goes to John Coulter who came 4th in the Under 15’s – a very impressive result in such a big section.

Both the Training Band (conducted by Robin Clinton) and the Junior Band (conducted by Peter Arthurs) took part during the day. The Training Band played well despite depleted numbers and the Junior Band came 3rd in their section, narrowly beaten by 1st Old Boys (1st) and Murley (2nd). This is a great result for the Junior Band and shows how much it is improving and how well all the children are playing. Congratulations to them all.

The Band would also like to congratulate Sam Brodison from Magheramorne Silver who attends rehearsals on a Saturday morning to assist the Junior Band by playing soprano cornet. Not only did he win the Under 12’s and the prize for the Best Young Soloist of the day, he also won the C solos.

The Junior Band would also like to say a big Thank You to Ruth Montgomery from the Senior Band who accompanied all the juniors in their solos and Noel Williamson who accompanied Amber in hers.

Full results are noted below.

Solo & Quartets 2011

Adjudicators: Michael Hannan (Senior Section)
Bob Quick (Junior Section)
Date: Saturday 12th February 2011
Venue: Paton Memorial Halls, Malone Presbyterian Church

10 + Under Solo
1st: Mercer MacWilliams Hughes 1st Old Boys – 97
2nd: Sarah Flevelle 1st Old Boys – 95
3rd: Rebecca Beacom Maguiresbridge – 93

12 + Under Solo
1st: Sam Brodison Maguiresbridge – 98
2nd: Amy Edwards 1st Old Boys – 92
3rd= Katie Bloomfield Murley – 90
3rd= Caitlyn Harvey 1st Old Boys – 90

15 + Under Solo
1st: Ryan Flavelle 1st Old Boys – 94
2nd: Sam Stevenson Templemore – 93
3rd: Alexandra Maxwell Murley – 91

Overall Best Junior Soloist
Sam Brodison Magheramorne

12 + Under Ensemble
1st: Templemore – 86
2nd: Murley – 85
3rd: Downshire B – 84
4th: Downshire A – 83

Junior / Youth Band
1st: 1st Old Boys – 93
2nd: Murley – 92
3rd: Third Carrickfergus – 91

17 + Under Solo
1st: Cheoyang Wang – CWA – 97
2nd: Ryan Kells – Maguiresbridge – 94
3rd: Sarah Thompson- 1st Old Boys – 92
4th: Michael Whan – Downshire – 91

17 + Under Ensemble
1st: 1st Old Boys – 98
2nd: Murley – 96

Slow Melody
1st: Alan Haworth – 1st Old Boys – 98
2nd: Boris Pinto – Murley – 97
3rd: Brian Connolly – 1st Old Boys – 96
4th: Elizabeth Connor – Longridge – 95

C Solo
1st: Sam Brodison – Magheramorne – 96
2nd: Claire Agnew – Lisnaskea – 95
3rd: Ryan Kells – Maguiresbridge – 94
4th: Catherine Woods – Wellington – 92

B Solo
1st: Oonagh Devlin – Downshire – 98
2nd: Nathan Thompson – 1st Old Boys – 97
3rd: Steven Crooks – Murley – 96
4th: Richard Johnston – Ballyduff – 95

A Solo
1st: James McCabe – CWA – 97
2nd: Boris Pinto – Murley – 96
3rd: Mark Bingham – 1st Old Boys – 95
4th: Alan Haworth – 1st Old Boys – 94

10 Piece B
1st: 1st Larne Old Boys

10 Piece A
1st: 1st Old Boys – 98
2nd: Downshire – 96

Senior Ensemble
1st: 1st Old Boys – 97
2nd= Murley – 96
2nd= Longridge – 96
4th: Wellington 95

B Quartet
1st: Downshire Basses – 97
2nd: CWA Trombones – 95
3rd: Downshire A 91
4th: CWA – 90

A Quartet
1st: 1st Old Boys