National Championships of Great Britain Results
October 10 2010

Congratulations to David King who lead Brighouse to their first Nationals win since 1998 at the Royal Albert Hall. Results and comments below.

Saturday 9th October
Test Piece: ‘Terras Australis’ – Martin Ellerby

Adjudicators: Derek Broadbent, David Read MBE, Dr Chris Davis OBE


1. Brighouse & Rastrick, Professor David King, 15
2. Cory, Dr Robert Childs, 10
3. Fairey (Geneva), Russell Gray, 6
4. Rothwell Temperance, David Roberts, 14
5. Leyland, Philip Harper, 16
6. Virtuosi GUS, John Berryman 4
7. Tredegar, Ian Porthouse, 5
8. Black Dyke, Dr Nicholas Childs, 18
9. Fodens, Allan Withington, 11
10. Carlton Main Frickley Colliery, Philip McCann, 1
11. Tongwynlais Temperance, Nigel Seaman, 2
12. Aveley & Newham, Nigel Taken, 20
13. Flowers, Paul Holland, 13
14. Desford Colliery, Garry Cutt, 8
15. Reg Vardy, Ray Farr, 17
16. Whitburn, Frank Renton, 12
17. Redbridge, Jeremy Wise, 9
18. Camborne Town, Richard Evans, 3
19. NUSUWT Riverside, Ian Robinson, 19
20. Co-operative Funeralcare, Michael Fowles, 7

Best Instrumentalist: Dominic Morrell, Soprano – Cory

Data coutesy of 4barsrest

During the day a selection of various comments via twitter were made including these;

meadeuph Totally shocking end to the
do you get three men to ruin a great days contesting ?……now we know!

meadeuph Oh my God…incredible. What were they
doing not putting Dyke in the top 6?..speechless !!!!!!

4barsrest #gbnats2010: Result out in 45 mins – Cory for
us from Dyke, Brighouse, Tredegar, Fairey and Rothwell

meadeuph Results is one hour: for me 1.Dyke 2.Brighouse
3.Cory 4.Leyland 5.Fodens 6.Tredegar

meadeuph Black Dyke played quite superbly! Surely the
judges can’t miss it this time, can they ??