Well Done, Sam!
November 3 2012

At a ridiculous hour this morning (Saturday 3rd November 2012), Sam Brodison was on the move – his destination, Sandbach Boys School in Cheshire, where he was taking part in the annual Foden’s Solo, Duet and Quartet Championships.

Sam Brodison

The very early start and journey did not seem to affect Sam who took everything in his stride as he joined over 180 other competitors for a wonderful day of banding.

The Third Carrickfergus Band is proud to announce that Sam was placed 2nd in the Age 14-16 years Slow Melody section and 3rd in the Under 16 years Air Varie section.

Our congratulations go to Sam for all the hard work which paid off today and to Des Graham for tutoring and preparing him for the competition.


Slow Melody – Open
Adjudicator: Harmen Vanhoorne

1. Illiam Quane
2. Sean Peterson
3. Glenn Birks

Slow Melody – Age 11 & Under
Adjudicator: Les Neish

1. Holly Clark
2. Natasha Prescott
3. Lucas Boylon

Slow Melody – Age 12-13 years
Adjudicator: Les Neish

1. Ben Jarvis
2. Bethan Brown
3. Adam Meyer

Slow Melody – Age 14-16 years
Adjudicator: Les Neish

1. Ross Johnson
2. Sam Brodison
3. Harry Cunningham

Air Varie – Open
Adjudicator: Harmen Vanhoorne

1. Gong Hongliang
2. Daniel Morgan
3. Emily Braverman

Air Varie – Age 16-18 years
Adjudicator: Les Neish

1. Illiam Quane
2. Rory Rolfe
3. Daniel Morgan

Air Varie – Under 16
Adjudicator: Harmen Vanhoorne

1. Vincent Gils – Euphonium
2. Harry Cunningham – bass
3. Sam Brodison – cornet

Duets – Open
Adjudicator: Richard Ashmore

1. Daniel Brooks & Stephen Lomas
2. Toby Butt & Samantha Minshull
3. Louise Edgar & Stephen Lomas

Duets – Under 16
Adjudicator: Richard Ashmore

1. Catherine Flanders & Sophie Barwick
2. Alex & Catherine Flanders
3. William Everitt & Sam de Bruin

Quartet – Age 16 & under
Adjudicator: Richard Asmore

1. Sforzandoo
2. Dobcross Youth
3. The Magnificent Four

Quartet – Open
Adjudicator: Richard Ashmore

1. Centenary Quartet
2. Flixton Four
3. Steven, Daniel, Louise, Ben

Most promising player: 11 & under: Julian Bailey

Most promising player: 12-15 AUDI of Macclesfield Bursary: Ellen Quane

Most promising player: 16 & 18 Besson Bursary: Marlies Pelgroms

Highest unplaced first time competitor 11 & under Slow Melody: Evie Thomas

Most promising local player: Catherine Flanders

Most Outstanding Performer of the Day: Illiam Quane

Results courtesy of 4barsrest